Cast Aluminum

Our oven moulds in die cast aluminum are perfect to make creative cakes with elegant forms and high-impact performances.

What shall I do before cooking?

  • Clean the mould before using it the first time
  • Grease the inside with some oil, butter or margarine before putting it in the oven in order for it to be non-stick everywhere.

And during cooking?

  • You can cook in a static, a ventilated or a gas oven
  • Keep clear from a direct contact with heat or flames
  • Do not put an empty mould in the oven
  • Do not use the micro-wave
  • Do not go over a maximal temperature of 230° C

After the cooking?

  • Let it cool down for a few minutes before demoulding
  • Hand clean it with liquid soap and dry it immediately

Discover the advantages of the
cast Aluminum moulds

They guarantee an excellent performance.
The double non-stick layer enables to obtain high quality results in a very simple way.
The demoulding is excellent.
The great non-stick property guarantees an excellent demoulding for high-impact performances.
Time and wear resistant.
The material makes the moulds extremely resistant to scratches and wear
Easy to clean.
Cleaning the moulds in die cast aluminum is not as hard as you think, it is very easy thanks to the non-stick coating.
They are true creative allies.
Thanks to the material and to their elegant shape, the moulds in die cast aluminum are precious allies for the preparation of creative cakes with a professional and high-impact result.

What to do after the purchase

Our products are packed with different types of material that you can recycle properly following these handy tips: