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With Guardini, cooking tastes brand new.

In 70 years, the craft workshop has become a leading company which has transformed the world of oven moulds, thanks to its light and cutting-edge products. A unique way of living your kitchen light-hearted and having fun.

Thanks to the thickness of the moulds, everything becomes easy. The Hi-Top steel of the products is the perfect ally for those who are willing to live their kitchen in a simple and light-hearted way, with the promise of obtaining quality results.

In fact, during baking, low thickness moulds are required to allow the mixture being cooked (whether sweet or salty) to stay in almost direct contact with the heat generated inside the oven. Only in this way cooking can be homogeneous and uniform. Guardini moulds, made with a special low-thickness steel, create a minimum barrier and are therefore designed to guarantee perfect baking.

The significance of
Made in Italy

Guardini’s production is at 99% Made in Italy. Our first market is Italy, but the excellence of Guardini’s products has conquered the world.
We worthy the “Made in Italy” because it is, for us, a reason of great prestige and we are proud of being able to export our know-how and our quality abroad.

GUARDINI, concrete actions for a sustainable future for everyone

GUARDINI, concrete actions for a sustainable future for everyone

In our company we are committed every day with concrete actions to build a sustainable future for all.

Our story

Guardini’s story was born from a great passion for cooking and an unfailing desire to create a world tailor made for the consumer, combining tradition and innovation.


guardini 1950

Everything was born from a family craft workshop specialized in household items


guardini 1970

This passion gives birth to a company always closer to the kitchen’s world and its details


The first non-stick coatings were born and they become our company’s specificity


guardini 1990

Our brand makes a big step and enters the large distribution


guardini 2010

Guardini S.p.A becomes one of the Top European Players in the production of oven moulds


Our brand is a market leader in the production of oven moulds and exports in the whole world the excellence Made in Italy

1947 - 2017

Vivi la leggerezza. Scegli la qualità Guardini

Live your kitchen light-hearted,
choose the Guardini quality.

Live your kitchen light-hearted, choose the Guardini quality