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Legal notes and Copyright

This website (www.guardini.com) belongs exclusively to Guardini S.p.A (located in Volpiano, Torino, at n°9 Via Cravero) and has been created for communication, information and entertainment purposes.

By accessing this site, you agree to be legally bound by and to comply with the following terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions ruling this site without notice. Thus, we would like to invite users to verify the last version of this site with the current one.

The "Guardini" trademark and all the marks of the products contained on this website, including the concerned logos and all the images, graphic designs and slogans are property exclusively to "Guardini S.p.A.". Users may not reproduce or use them under any circumstances. Any violations will be prosecuted.

The webpages and the information contained on this website, including but not limited to text, images, graphic designs, sound recordings, are protected by copyright entrusted to Guardini S.p.A. and the use of such material has been duly authorised. Therefore it is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, transfer all or part of information contained on this site to third parties under any circumstances. Any reproduction in full or in part of this site cannot be sold or distributed for commercial purposes.

Users are authorised to download or share the information contained on this site only if expressly permitted by a specific indication on the webpages and only for personal non-commercial use: any other kind of use is forbidden. In addition users may not copy, modify, transfer or publicly communicate this website and its content.

Users are exclusively responsible for their access to this website, their possible publications and use of the content herein. Guardini S.p.A will not be liable for any consequences or damages arising out of the access, the publication or use of the information. Any personal information that user submits via this website will be not considered confidential or private and could be used for publication. By using this site users accepts its terms and agree to abide by them respecting the copyright and the treatment of personal data and Guardini S.p.A has no responsibility of users' action. By submitting any information, personal data or material through this site, users consent to the owner to use, duplicate, show, modify, transfer and distribute them. In addition Guardini S.p.A has the right to use any idea, concept, knowledge, technology uploaded to his site for any purpose and without claimimg compensation.

Guardini S.p.A does not guarantee access to the website is free of errors, nor that all content is accurate or up to date. However, it will endeavour to prevent or repair errors and update its content.

Guardini S.p.A will not be liable for any consequences or damages arising out of the access this site and for the impossibility to have access this site or the downloading of the information contained on this website if authorised. Guardini S.p.A will not be made liable for harm to the Internet users' computer systems for any reason including those damages deriving from Internet viruses.

This site and its links to third-party websites have been carefully examined by Guardini S.p.A. Therefore the contents are suitable for children. Anyway, Guardini S.p.A is only responsible for this website and not for the content of linked third-party websites. In fact Guardini S.p.A. does not control the materials on third-party websites. We therefore invite you to verify the concerned privacy policies and conditions of use.

Guardini S.p.A.

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    10088 Volpiano (Torino), Italia
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