cooking delight

With Guardini, cooking tastes brand new.
In 70 years, the once craft workshop has shifted in a leading company which has deeply transformed the world of oven moulds, thanks to its high quality, light and cutting-edge products. An unprecedented way of living your kitchen, light-hearted and having fun.

The numbers of success

Private Label
Square meters of
industrial area in Italy
Years as

The numbers talk about a true industrial evolution, carried out thanks to the union between experience and tradition started 70 years ago. Guardini has learned how to increase its own resources to make its way in the sector as well as its mark: today it is a strong company, recognized internationally and technologically advanced.

Production is by 99% Made in Italy, and this has enabled the company to conquer the world, with 70% of the turnover made thanks to export in Europe, the Arab nations, America and North Africa.

Our story

Guardini’s story starts with a strong passion for cooking and from an unfailing desire of creating a world tailor-made for the consumer, combining tradition and innovation.


guardini 1950

Everything started from a family craft workshop specialized in household items


guardini 1970

This passion gives birth to a company always closer to the kitchen’s world and its details


The first non-stick coatings were born and they become the specificity of the company


guardini 1990

Our brand makes a big step and enters the large distribution


guardini 2010

Guardini S.p.A becomes one of the Top European Players in the production of oven moulds


Our brand is market leader in the production of oven moulds and exports the Made in Italy excellence in the whole world

1947 - 2017

Our production

A high standing product as well as a very efficient customer service, these are Guardini’s mission.
Our constant and significant investments in technology, research and development are one of the secrets of Guardini’s success. Today, the company boasts a completely automated production site, which can ensure a high productivity and competitiveness of prices.
The flexibility and the capacity of adapting our production on the market’s requests have enabled Guardini to open to the great market of private labels, at the heart of the main projects of modern trade.
For Guardini, this means guaranteeing quality, volume, versatility in the customization, with an entirely Italian production: a difficult challenge, but faced with success.