Code of

All relationships, even in business, are based on trust. Our Code of Conduct represents our way of making business: honest, reliable and transparent with regard to our clients and suppliers.

We respect and value our daily work.
Within our activity, we respect the law and the regulations in force in all the countries in which we carry out commercial relationships, with a mission which has the objective to consolidate our growth thanks to a solid image, faithful to our values of integrity and loyalty in every step of our daily work.
We act respecting people.
In compliance with the principles of freedom, of people’s dignity and of the respect of diversity, we repudiate all discriminations based on gender, race, personal and social conditions or on religious and political beliefs. We also favor an environmental work which, inspired by respect, correctness and collaboration, enables to involve our employees and our collaborators.
We define the core values of the company.
We give value to qualities which are at the heart of our daily activity as transparency, reliability and honesty.
We inform and raise awareness among our collaborators.
In order to ensure the information and the awareness on the regulations of our Code of Conduct as well as its’ abidance by the people concerned, so that all the employees and people working for Guardini may pursue their activity in observance of the principles within this Code. All the operations, behaviors and relationships, internal or external to the company, must abide by this Code.

Our Code of Conduct for our commercial partners:

Respect the ethical and legal standards.
We pray our suppliers and commercial partners to respect a few ethical and legal standards: an important principle for the collaboration during the commercial transactions.
Reflect our expectations.
Our suppliers and our commercial partners accept to respect the requirements of the Code. An important contribution to the sustainable management of the supply chain.
Share our ethical principles.
They are based on the same ethical principles in force in the Code of Conduct for our managers and our employees: they address to all the companies and the individuals around the world from whom we buy goods or services or to whom we sell our products.

Our safety terms for the international supply chain

  • We have increased our internal standing, thanks to the implementation of infrastructures and safety procedures which guarantee the security of the goods within the whole international supply chain.
  • We have recently obtained the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), in its FULL version, which certifies our involvement and our reliability within the international supply chain.