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Loaf tin Guardini loaf pans guarantee perfect cooking and non-stick results... Product #: 43025SWHT11EX Regular price: $9.18 $9.18
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Loaf tin

Item code: 43025SWHT11EX
Line: Foodies
Available sizes: cm 25 x 11 x 6.3
Weight: 0.26kg
Price list: 11,20€
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Guardini loaf pans guarantee perfect cooking and non-stick results.

Body metalHi Top steel
Non-stick coatingXylan
Layers of non-stick coatingsingle layer
FeaturesBPA, PFOA and heavy metal free
External colorwhite with pad printing decoration
Internal colorgrey
Sizes availablescm 25 x 11 x 6.3
Temperature max190°
Business information
Number of pieces per carton12

To view directions for use download the pdf by clicking the link.

Directions for use

FOODIES is a range of 9 baking moulds made of Hi-Top steel with a single layer of Xylan non-stick coating and an original external graphics, conceived and designed by the designer Andrea Vecera.

The graphics, which plays nicely with the ingredients and makes them interact with each other in a colorful ballet arts, is made with the pad-printing technology.


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