Environmental sustainability is an inspiring principle that invests every aspect of our company. It is not just an idea, but a real action plan, which is enriched every day with new ideas and solutions. A plan that aims to make the life of the company and the impact of its activity on the outside world more and more sustainable. Actions4more is our program for the coming years, which will involve People, Products, Processes and Passion and it will deal with them with concrete actions, because we want to do more. Actions4more represents this present and future commitment. Because only with true actions we can really make a difference.

THE CREATION OF VALUE COMES FROM PEOPLE People are our greatest asset. Behind the quality of each Guardini product stands the passion and commitment of our people, with whom we have established a relationship based on loyalty, respect, fairness, individual freedom and dignity of work. Teamwork has permitted us to face the most challenging situation and it has helped us to react, learn and change, looking at the future with positivity and confidence. We believe that having a common goal is crucial to achieve the most difficult targets. We believe in a free work environment, in which everyone can express their potential, promoting a culture of respect and the enhancement of everyone’s uniqueness. This is the path that we shall follow every day.

THE QUALITY GOES GREEN We want our products to respond to the environmental challenges of our time. We put sustainability at the first place in our innovation process, in order to reduce the impact on the environment. For this reason we have chosen to use steel with optimized thickness, to reduce waste of raw materials and to ensure perfect cooking results in reduced time, with consequent energy saving. We have chosen moreover to use next generation non-stick coatings, which eliminate part of the polluting components from the production process through the use of technologies with lower environmental impact. We are committed to find more sustainable solutions along the entire supply chain, cooperating with suppliers and partners who, like us, believe in sustainability as a necessary choice. We are committed to reduce the volume of packaging and to prefer packaging from certified sustainable sources. From recycling to reusing, our goal is to reduce every waste. We want the Guardini brand to not only be synonymous with quality, know-how and made in Italy, but also with sustainability.

LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, GREATER RESULTS Minimizing our production impact on the environment is our goal for the coming years. Initiatives for the reduction of energy consumption in the production process and for the self-production of renewable energy are the next steps that we will take. Low energy impact construction solutions and projects aimed at recovering waste are just part of the actions already fulfilled. Our production process has a reduced environmental impact, but our daily actions cannot be separated from the commitment to much more ambitious goals.

IS OUR DRIVING FORCE Passion has been the driving force in everything we do since 1947. Guardini has grown from a small-scale business to an international company thanks to the passion of a family now at its third generation. Passion has always enlightened our people throughout this long and demanding journey for all these years. Actions4More program would not be possible without our passion.

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